Sunday, 21 February 2016

Stampin' Up! Jane Allmark Independent Demonstrator Yippee Skippee I've Done It

Well this is so exciting I have actually done it! What you ask? Well as I have already mentioned several times I am a complete dinosaur with regard to anything techie and I struggle desperately in making my blog interactive and putting links with pictures on my blog.

so today being Sunday and a day of rest lol I thought I would tackle this problem and see if I could put a picture of the current Stampin' Up! annual catalogue with a link through to the Stampin' Up! Official website Now for those techie people this is probably where you all start falling about laughing, but for me this was an obstacle that I thought I would never achieve.

Several hours of trawling thought "how to's" and deciding that there was no way that I could understand this strange lanuguage they were talking and that included the "Dummies" site I was almost giving up and resigning myself to the fact that I would never be able to get to grips with this task when Eureka Yippee Skippee I came across a lovely lady called Heather and her blog with easy, yes easy step by step instructions.

So with two screens up on the old laptop (this wasnt possible on my ipad, dont ask me why it just doesnt allow me to change my blog at all, just write it) I started by finding a picture and saving it in my pictures library, a feat in itself as I couldnt find where the devil it was in amongst all my thousand of pictures and then yippee skippee it was at the end of all my pictures just there on it's own smiling at me. So I took said picture added the code word and symbol by word and symbol (thinking to myself if this gobbledegook works it will be a miracle) and yes it worked.

Now for the little drawback I have a wonderful picture of the current Stampin' Up! catalogue and if you click on it YES it goes through to the UK Stampin' Up! website where you can browse and order whatever you like. However please please please put in the top right hand corner where it say Find Demonstrator put JANE ALLMARK which is me as I cannot link to me directly.

I am so pleased and yes when I read this I am giggling to myself, well actually gaffawing out loud, at how long it has taken me to do this (4 hours today and years of having my blog) but as the saying goes from little acorns mighty oaks grow and I feel like a mighty oak today.

So I do hope that you will give this link a go, have a browse at all the lovely products that Stampin' Up! has to offer and if pennies allow order something from me, but remember to use me Jane Allmark as your demonstrator of choice.

Thank you all so much for your views, comments and making my little blog a little bigger. Now I'm off to do something more productive like making some more cards and projects. Phew! what an adventure.