Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy Birthday Mum

Things that make me smile :)

Today is my Mum's birthday and although she is longer with us today is the day I remember all the smiles she brought to me and everyone she met lives.  Her sense of humour was legendary and as a family we used to laugh until the tears rolled down our faces and our sides aches.

She was the heart of our family and when she left to carry on her journey on another plain she left a huge hole in all our hearts.  But today that hole is filled with remembering all the happy times and the love and joy she gave me.

Billy Connoly, Dave Allen, sitting with her in her lounge watching these programmes and laughing uncontrollably.  Christmas playing charades, birthday parties celebrating her 64th birthday singing ' "when I'm 64" and when I get "older losing my hair dah de dah"

Happy Birthday Mum, your still making us all smile every day xxxx

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