Thursday, 28 May 2015

Special birthday celebrations.

Time passes so quickly.  When I was young the summer holidays seemed to last forever and I remember older relatives saying how quickly time passed. Now that I am older time just seems to whizz by.  My eldest granddaughter came into the world nearly 10 years ago now and it seems like yesterday that I was buying Thomas the Tank pyjamas for my youngest son who now it the proud father to this gorgeous little girl.  The single years are now gone and she is starting double figures. I wonder what life will be like when she hits my age. I will no longer be in this world. In my lifetime man landed on the moon, in 45 years time will we be inhabiting other planets?  Who knows! All I know is that life is precious and I try to live each day to the full. 

So with my first of 6 grandchildren approaching the magic double figure 10 a special card was in order.

She is a blonde haired beauty who loves owls and dancing, started with ballet and now street dancing but is still a beautiful girly girl who loves pink.  This card has all the elements of her with a big fat 10 on it.

Like always if there is a special person in your life that you want a card made for then just get in touch.