Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Stampin Up how to straighten cutting plates without using oven

People are always asking how do you straighten the big shot cutting plates, especially the new ones which are thinner and with the base plate seem to bend like a banana in no time at

these photos show the process. Straight finished plate, bent starting plate, then process of ironing and the two bent plates I started with.

all. The older style were thicker and a lot of people would put them in the oven weighted down, but this does not seem to work with the new ones.

Well I have the answer for you which I have used with all the plates I've owned the old and new ones.

What you need is a hot iron, ironing board, cotton tea towel and pair of oven gloves. Put bent plate on ironing board and cover with tea towel. Iron backwards and forwards for several minutes and then using the oven gloves press firmly on top. Turn the plate every few minutes. This process will take 5/10 minutes per plate but straightens them perfectly.