Friday, 14 December 2012

Never too old to craft.

I have the great privilege of working at a day centre for the elderly and their inspiration and wisdom makes me humble every day.  This week I have had the opportunity to bring some crafting into their lives.  Many of them used to work with their hands doing crafts and homemade projects but that was  for most over 20/30 years ago. Failing eyesight, arthritis and in some cases dementia has taken it's toll so the idea of crafting was met with "We can't do this anymore as it is far too difficult" then the fun began.

With some paper, stamps, punches and a few ideas (a calendar for 2013) (simple chocolate tree ornaments) we began. "Choose a colour of paper?" and everyone chose a different colour. Each design was unique and different as their imaginations took hold. Sprinkly glitter, sploshing on some glue, getting sticky and messy and smiling and laughing as each calendar took on their own unique designs. Sure I helped a bit when fingers wouldn't work or eyes couldn't see to place an item on the page but each person created something of their own.  The finished works were held proudly aloft and pictures were taken, then they were loving carried out to adorn their homes and give them a smile and a little confidence in the year to come that are never too old to craft or achieve anything else that you set your mind to.