Sunday, 16 December 2012

Up! Up! Up!

Well what an exciting few days!  It started really badly with my poor old car 1998 Honda HRV going in for it's MOT & failing miserably. £400 later it passed but is now driving like a bag of spanners so it was time to say goodbye & look for something else.  I have taken the route of old bangers for my last two cars & each year they cost me a small fortune to get through the MOT so I decided to bite the bullet and look at newer.

I have always had a passion for VW as my boyfriend has a 1956 splitscreen called Rusty & I was quite impressed with the new VW Up!  It has had rave reviews and been voted world car 2012 so off to my local garage to have a look.  I couldn't stretch to brand new but they had a lovely 9 month old one (so almost brand new) in red and it is gorgeous.  Took it for a test drive & then got my eldest son to come and give me his opinion as he knows about cars & I just like the colour.  Well to cut a long story short I bought it.  Sooooooo exciting & I pick it up on Wednesday.  To be the proud owner of a 2012 car which is red is just a fantastic feeling.  The cutest thing out is that the tyres have flower patterns on, such a girlie thing & I am so a girlie :))))

So to celebrate here is a cute decoration made from one piece of 7" x 7" designer series paper.