Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Stampin' Blends Alcohol Markers

Stampin' Blends launch today and are selling fast.

Today is the 1st November and eagerly anticipated launch of the Stampin' Blends.  These are alcohol markers is Stampin' Up! colours in a light and dark shade in each colour which gives seamless blending and is ideal for the beginner and more advanced colourer.

This video will give you and idea of how easy these blends are to use and I am sure you will want to put your order in right away.

Top gift for crafters.

The Stampin' Blends make a great gift for the crafter for Christmas.

The complete set includes all 27 markers
  1. 12 sets of a light and dark in each colour making 24 different markers
  2. an ivory ideal for skintones and shading
  3. a bronze ideal for skin tones and shading
  4. a colour lifter ideal for highlights and removing colour
  5. complete set includes all 27 markers
  6. The ideal gift for Christmas #top gift for crafter
These are premium quality alcohol markers, twin tipped with a brush and bullet tip for every colouring project from fine detailed work to covering large areas.

Seamless blending.  These alcohol markers are very juicy so blend beautifully.  With a light and dark Stampin' Blend in each colour making blending  simple and easy.

Each Stampin Blend is available to buy separately or you can buy them in a pair, a light and dark, in each colour..

With Christmas just around the corner what a lovely gift to give your crafter, or just treat yourself.  If you are not ready to buy the complete set then just buy a few of the colours you most use and give them a try.  I know you will be back to buy more as they really are one of the best alcohol markers I have used.

This is a sample of how vibrant the Stampin' Blends are. All your projects will have a vibrant professional look with a seamless blend which is really easy to achieve with the light and dark in each colour and a little colour lifter for the highlights.

Buy yours now from my SHOP NOW button above and begin to take your colouring to the next level or click the highlighted link to buy the complete set.

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