Friday, 24 January 2014

Stampin' Up! Silicone Craft Sheet

Silicone Craft Sheet
This is such a good idea.  I have spent ages getting myself covered in glue and pieces getting stuck on everything bar what they should.  So I recently purchased this craft sheet and it has made suc a difference.  I recently made some flowers using the new spiral flower builder die and it was so easy using this craft sheet.
If you want to add this to your stash then just get in touch or follow the link to but direct online

Happy stampin' and have a good weekend :)
Silicone Craft Sheet127853
Price: £5.50
Easily assemble embellishments! Drop a dot of adhesive on the sheet and have both hands free to assemble. Let glue dry completely, then pop embellishment off the sheet. 1 sheet. 6" x 6". Works with any of our adhesives