Friday, 27 January 2017

Floating cup and saucer tutorial

A while ago I made a floating cup and saucer and decorated it using the Stampin Up botanical blooms Dies and various other Stampin Up punches. I have had lots of great comments on this as I have it as an ornament in my home and the most frequent comment is "how did you do that?" So I thought I would share with you how to make a floating cup and saucer. How you decorate it is up to you depending on the style of cup and saucer you use. I wanted an urban metallic look but if you used a bone China cup and saucer you could make it Victorian and floral.

List of materials.
Cup and saucer ( charity shops, thrift shops and bargain stores can get cheap ones)
A cheap fork that can bend easily.
Black gesso paint or spray paint if changing colour of cup and saucer
Glue gun,
Die cut or punched flowers and leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes
Gilding wax or watercolour pencils or inks for colouring the flowers and leaves

Begin by taking the fork and bending it in a 'z' shape. Bend the prongs so they wil fit flat on the saucer and bend the handle in the opposite direction so it will fit inside the cup about an inch and a half to two inches.. Take you glue gun and glue the prongs to the middle of the saucer and the handle inside the mouth of the cup. You will need to fiddle about a bit to get the balance right or the cup and saucer will fall over with the weight of the cup. If this does happen and the balance is wrong just weight the saucer down by either placing a pebble onto the saucer or gluing a weight underneath the saucer. ( look at my finished picture to see how the cup and saucer look)

Now time to decorate. What you want to achieve is to cover the inside of the cup and the fork and saucer so there is no sign of the fork being there. This is what make the cup appear to be suspended in the air. A glue gun is the best way to ensure everything is well stuck down.

I used black cardstock as I had painted my cup and saucer black as they were a pasty green colour. I used gilding wax in silver and two tones of gold to make the black cardstock look like metal. I hope you enjoy making this floating cup and saucer. It is certainly a wow and will keep people guessing how you suspended a cup in mid air 💜