Monday, 16 January 2017

Stampin Up Beautiful You For the love of my Mum

I thought I would give you all a little back story of why I love Stampin Up Beautiful stamp set so much. My beloved mother who passed away 8 years ago was an amazing artist. In the 1940's she went to St Martins art college in London to follow her passion for art and her forte was wonderful line drawings of fashion and costume. She went on to work for Simplicity patterns and her drawing of life drawings was beautiful. I remember as a child her sitting in front of me and my brother sketching us and that was my Mum.

As the years went by she did a city in guilds in embroidery and "drew" with embroidery silks amazing 3D picture some of which now hang in my home.  When she passed away and I was sorting through her belongings I cam across her portfolio from St Martins filled with wonderful drawings and a few I have framed for my home and others given to friends and family as a memory of this amazing woman.

So when the Beautiful You stamp set came out I was inspired by my Mum to recreate some different images like she used to draw. Now I cannot draw very well which is why I am so taken by Stampin Up products because they give you the image to start with and with time and practise I have been able to create wonderful art in the form of cards and pictures which I can now share with other people. So my love for Stampin Up has grown.

So I wanted to share with you all why Beautiful You has become such memory inducing stamp set and has inspired some of my creations over the last few days. Pop over to the "ordering" tab on this blog to see how you can share and buy for yourself Stampin Up products and I leave you with one of my mothers' beautiful pieces of art which hangs pride of place in my home.