Monday, 10 July 2017

Stampin Up Love Today Planner Video Tutorial and More Ideas

Stampin Up Love Today Planner Video Tutorial and More Ideas

Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth part of my Love Today Planner journey.  If you haven't seen my other blogs then just flick back and see how the journey began.

I have compiled a video to see where I have got so far.  This gives a clearer view of exactly all the steps that I have been showing you and the first two weeks page layouts.

This Love Today Planner is such a great tool.  I didn't realise how many ideas and thoughts I wrote down on scraps of paper or in other little hardback books that I can now consolidate together in my Love Today Planner.  How many times do we look at a card or a project and can't remember what colours we used or how we did a certain technique? Well my Love Today Planner will have all this in one place. Genius! 

So have a look through the video and if you haven't already please look at subscribing to my YouTube channel as I regularly post tips and idea tutorials.

Please subscribe to this blog also as I will be posting full details of the page layouts in the Love Today Planner with pictures so you can see exactly how I created them.

If you haven't already bought your Love Today Planner then go to my shop button and order one today or click on the highlighted link below.

Thanks for stopping by and see you all again tomorrow for more Love Today Planner planning.