Friday, 12 July 2013

My new front garden

This past weekend was the hottest of the year so far with wall to wall sunshine so decided to tackle the front garden.  The garden had been planted with a variety of shrubs which had really grown too big and got quite out of hand.  As it is an area that doesn't get used appart from walking past every day to get into the house it was always a chore to tackle and keep tidy.  I have a large back garden which I spend all my time in and am happy to spend hours, mowing the lawn and tending the borders and hedges.  The front garden however became quite neglected.

So all the garden was cleared, a weed membrane was put down and then the area was covered with large plum slate chippings.  With a couple of hanging baskets and a big tropical plant in a funky pot and the look was complete.  The fence was painted with a stone coloured wash preserver paint and it now has quite a beachy feel.

Really pleased as it looks beautiful, is really easy maintenance and I got a lovely tan and my leg muscles got really tones with all the up and down painting and digging.

Really pleased with the finish look. Really satisfying when a plan comes together and the results are just how you imagined them.