Sunday, 28 April 2013

100 posts

November 19th last year I started my blog and 5 months later this is my 100th post.  Wow how time flies.  My journey with Stampin' Up! has been great and I have learned so much about making cards.  Techniques, colours, textures and above all having lots of fun and meeting some fabulous people.

This was one of my first cards.  I look back now and smile at the simplicity and lack of imagination or technique.  I was extremely proud of this card.

And now...........a more recent card with more colour and dimension and lots of texture.  Both cards have a pearl in the centre of the butterfly, but I love the new stampin' up! butterfly stamp compared to the old one.

Crafting is a journey and it is good to sometimes look back and see how time and experience and allowed me to develop.  Funnily this is only 5 months in, I wonder what I will be showing at my 500th post or in 5 years time.  One thing I know I will always have a passion for creating.

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Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by :))