Saturday, 18 May 2013

Stampin' Up! stamping on candles

How exciting, I was browsing the tinternet and came across a way to create beautiful candles from plain white pillar candles.  The technique is really simple just needs a bit of care to ensure that the wax doesn't melt too much and the image stays crisp.

This was my first attempt and really pleased with the outcome.So how do you do it?  Well just stamp whatever image you want on the candles onto thin tissue paper, cut round it carefully and lay it on the candle where you want the image to go.  Then get your heat gun first having wrapped the candle securely with some waxed paper/greaseproof paper (this stops wrinkles and creases.  Heat your gun till nice and hot and then move over the image (not too long or the candle will melt) just long enough for the wax to penetrate through the tissue paper thus sealing it onto the candle.  Remove the greaseproof paper and voila!  It takes a little practise but the results are beautiful.  I will be making some personalised candles for birthdays a 30th and 21st for customers and they would be simply gorgeous personalised with someones name, for a wedding table and of course christmas.

Need any help with this technique or want to order any Stampin' Up! products then just drop me an email

Happy crafting :)))))))