Saturday, 21 September 2013

Moon gazing hare stained glass window

After a lot of hard graft and constructive building I have a new hallway.  We upcycled the front and back door wich were given to us over a period of a couple of years and sat in the garden waiting for the build.  The framework was constructed, brickwork put in and then the fun began again making two stained glass windows.  There is still a bit to do, like grouting the floor tiles, plastering below the windows, and putting a radiator in for the winter, but it is a glorious space filled with sunshine rays from the window.

The moon gazing hare was the most beautiful piece and am so pleased how it turned out and just looks amazing greeting me whenever i come to my new front door.

Tomorrow I will be back to showcasing some of the stampin' up! cards that I have been making so drop by and take a look.