Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bodren & Guitar

I have a love for music & although I am by no means a great player I enjoy the guitar. I was very lucky to have been bought this year a beautiful guitar. It is made by a company called Luna & it has the most gorgeous dragonflies set  in a turquoise sea.  When something is so beautiful the desire to pick up and play becomes infinitely easier. There are also waxing & waning moons on the neck of the guitar, hence the name Luna I suppose.

I also enjoy percussion instruments especially drums.  I have a couple of dejembes & I recently managed to pick up a lovely bodren from a car boot.  It was a little plain so I decided to decorate it myself.  It is a pentacle entwined with leaves & I was very pleased with the way it came out & it was far easier to do than I imagined.  The tricky bit was managing to draw an exact pentagram but then I used the help of my boyfriend who is a carpenter so has to be very exact.