Monday, 19 November 2012

How exciting! Have just managed to get into blogger, have no idea what I am doing but I suppose you have to start somewhere. So here goes.

Decided I would start a blog to share my love for crafting & everything homemade. Being someone who enjoys up-cycling & recycling I have tons of enthusiasm but not a lot of knowledge. I struggle drawing or painting anyything more than stick people & one dimensional pictures so I started to create my own cards using "Stampin Up" products. These great stamps allow you to be creative with colour, patterns & ideas without having to be able to draw the images from scratch. So I have become hooked.

I want to start a blog to showcase my work & so hopefull over the next few days I will learn how to use blogger to customise a fandangly page with lots of buttons & thingamijigs to allow me to do this.

Until then............................................look back soon & hopefully miraculously it will appear!