Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Home Interior Creativeness

There is an amazing person in my life who is incredibly talented & has added some beautiful features to my home. I have an open fireplace but didn't want the conventional boring surround that you can pick off the shelf. As a lover of wood (especially oak) a green oak sleeper was purchased then cut. The top was joined with tenon & mortise joints & then it was mounted round the fireplace. Lovingly fed with linseed oil it has taken on a beautiful colour & is my pride & joy in my living room.

My floor was tiled with lovely slate tiles in the kitchen & hallway & I wanted a feature piece to just finish it all off. So again with incredible skill a beautiful cream pentagram was cut from individual tiles & set into the slate tiles.  It looks almost as if it was painted or stuck on, but it is carefully cut out of individual tiles. Check out the points of each side to see how amazing the cutting skills are.

Creativity at it's best & I hope he will be able to do many more commissioned work for people.