Sunday, 6 March 2016

Floating cup & saucer using Stampin Up products

This is project I am so proud of as I saw a floating cup and saucer recently on a display, was intrigued and thought how do they do that?  So I did a bit of research and made this prototype 

So I thought on this tutorial I would explain how it is made and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Tools need - cup & saucer, cheap bendable fork, glue gun, acrylic paint, spray glitter varnish, pebeo gilding waxes & as many die and punch cut flowers in black cardstock from Stampin Up vast range. 

So changing the look of the cup and saucer just paint several coats of acrylic paint leaving to dry between coats and then finish with a spray lacquer with some sparkle in as this gives a sort of granite look. Now the tricky part using the fork bend it at the base where the prongs are and bend it at the top of the handle. Attach the prong part to base of plate with hot glue. Use lots and make a base of hot glue first to bed prongs into. Wait for a good few hours until the glue has set completely and the fork is well stuck to the saucer. Then using a support (I used a pile of books) hot glue the inside of the cup and attach to the handle of the fork bent to accommodate. Now this again is tricky part as make sure the cup is balanced so that it is not top heavy and will fall over when released from support. Again allow to dry before removing support.

If all goes well you should have a saucer with a fork bent onto a cup, making it float. If it is top heavy and falls over weight the saucer down with a large pebble or stick weights to underside of saucer.

Now to decorate. Die cut, punch or cut out a variety of flowers leaves and foliage ( I used Stampin Up products) out of black cardstock. Using pebeo gilding wax, it comes in three colours and I used all three, cover and buff all pieces, assemble and start to build up. The idea is to cover the fork completely and where it is glued so that the cup appears to be floating.

I wanted a metal look which I think I achieved but there are all sorts of possibilities. Paint the cup and saucer in geometric designs and fill with brightly coloured flowers for a Clarice Cliff look.

So do have a go and create something unique.

Stampin Up products are available through the link at the top of the page & pleae use me Jane Allmark as your demonstrator or choice.