Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Stampin Up How Many Adhesives Do You Need & Why?

This is the age old question. How many adhesives do you need and why? So I thought I would give you my take on it. Firstly everyone has a favourite which they tend to use all the time and I am no different  so I will start with that.

TOMBOW - 110755 multipurpose liquid glue £3.75
This is my favourite because it is the best wet glue on the market. Smooth easy to use does not clog up like other wet glues so no need for pins or pokey tools to unblock. Allows for wiggle room on cards and projects. Has two ends one with precision point and the other fat for bigger areas .

2WAY GLUE PEN 100425 priced £4.00 now this is a genius idea a pen that is great for gluing all those tiny little things especially intricate dies to your cardstock. It is also fab as a repositioning tool as if you add this glue and let it dry it becomes a temporary adhesive. I use it all the time for masks to stop them sliding away.

SNAIL 104332 priced £6.25 with refills at £4 now this is a lot of people's favourite. A tape runner of double sided adhesive which without mess sticks your projects together.

CRYSTAL EFFECTS 101055 priced £5.75 this is a fab glossy glue which when dry is like lacquer. It is fab for  adding a hard lacquer finish to any project, jewellery, bottle caps etc. Great for making 3D projects.

TEAR & TAPE ADHESIVES 138995 £6.25 this is a bit like snail but outside the tape dispenser and with a paper backing. It is a fab adhesive and is good for boxes and 3D projects as you can position everything before removing the paper backing rather than get glue or stick where you don't want.

STAMPIN DIMENSIONALS 104430 £3.75 Now there are a lots of dimensionals, foam pads, on the market but these are fab as they are hexagonal which means they perfectly fit on most projects without having awkward corners hanging out and yes they stick rather than fall off after a few days. As a dimensional they are they best on the market.

So these are some adhesives that Stampin Up do and having used all the above what I think of them. Check them out yourself on the Stampin Up website the link is above and when you do order please use me Jane Allmark as your demonstrator of choice.

Have a great day