Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lovely Leaves

There is something lovely about the changing seasons and boy in this country do we get some changeable weather.  The seasons seem to be mixing themselves up.  In the past few weeks we have had freezing weather with ice and snow, rain and gales and the odd lovely sunshiney day.

So my card for today is all about leaves.  The sort of leaves that start off beautiful and vibrant green in the Spring when the sprout from branches telling us all Spring has Sprung.  Then as the Summer comes they turn a beautiful dark shade of green and give us shade from the summer sunshine, leaning against the trunk with a book or a cool drink.  Autumn brings all the russety shades and when the leaves fall there is nothing nicer than scrunching through them kicking them up as we go.

I love all of nature and leaves show us how diverse a planet we live on and can be thankful for all our seasons.

So my card reflects my love of leaves.  Friend to friend x

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Happy crafting :))