Friday, 19 February 2016

Stampin Up Bitty Butterfly

I hate waste. I was brought up that way. My mother lived through the war and there was rationing and make do and mend. Imagine having a ration book and not being able to pop down the shop and buy whatever you wanted. Butter milk cheese meat eggs cotton fabric stockings fruit. Vegetables could be grown in the garden but nothing went to waste. So I was brought up to use everything. Food nothing went to waste, roast chicken was picked clean for a pie and the bones boiled for stock, leftover vegetables made bubble and squeak. Clothes were remade and turned into dresses for me as a child, hand me downs were the norm & socks shirts were torn into rags and used for dusters polishers and to clean shoes.

Today we live in a throwaway society and have lost this ethos. However in one area crafting being thrifty and making use of every little scrap as the norm and a wonderful way to be. So today it is scraps . Scraps scraps scraps we store them by colour, alphabetically. In boxes, files, drawers, folders, concertinas, we love our scraps. So today's example is using the gorgeous bitty butterfly and it is perfect for cutting pretty butterflies from the tiniest scraps.

I used the love blossoms paperstack scraps & crumb cake cardstock and cut one little butterfly in crumb cake and used some linen twine and a rhinestone.

Please when you order Stampin Up products use me Jane Allmark as your demonstrator of choice. Thanks you so much and thanks for dropping by 💜