Monday, 8 February 2016

Stampin Up How To Make A Cardstock Picture Frame Tutorial

I was recently asked to share how I made picture frames out of cardstock. Now I am not a great tutorial person but this is such an easy technique that I thought I would share it here.

This is not an original idea but it is something that you can make to fit any piece of Stampin Up or other artwork that you have created just by using different sizes of cardstock. The heavier the cardstock the more robust the frame will be.

I suggest you practise with some copier paper first to get the technique. On all four sides of cardstock score 4 times at intervals of 1/2". On two alternate side score down first two squares. Cut out as per pic this will give mitred corner

Burnish and fold all four sides into frame glueing as necessary. I use tombow as it allows wiggle room to get sharp mitres.

This shows full size piece of A4 scored four times on all four sides, scored first 2 squares on alternate sides . Then burnish and fold to make frame.

A4 example of frame

Square frame.

Play around with sizes and decorate  as you wish. If you want a wider frame just score at 3/4" or an 1" just remember to use a big enough sheet of cardstock to accommodate whatever piece of art you wish to frame.

I hope this makes sense and have fun making your own bespoke picture frames.

When ordering Stampin Up products from Stampin Up official website please remember to use me Jane Allmark as your demonstrator. Thanks