Friday, 4 January 2013

Hare totem Native American Flute

I am truly blessed in knowing and being in a relationship with a wonderful man who oozes talent from his every pore. Yes I might be a little biased but he has an affinity with wood and magically creates some beautiful things.

For Yule this year he made me a native american flute.  I love playing the flute & although a beginner there is something deeply moving sitting and letting the notes transport you to a different plain. The flute is made from cedar so as you play it fills body, soul & surrounding space with aromatic cedar.  I have had a connection with hares for as long as I can remember and have a hare tattoo on my wrist. The flute has a hare totem hand carved which is simply WOW.

This is the first flute to be made & several more will be made during the coming year if time allows.  Should you wish to have one of your own then please get in touch as commission pieces can be made.