Saturday, 5 January 2013

Stampin' Up! trimmer

This is by far my favourite tool. It has only recently been launched by Stampin' Up! and it is a cutting and scoring tool with crafters in mind.
  • Cutting & Scoring -Cut anywhere in any direction. Full 305cm cut or score. Keep scoring & cutting blades on the track at the same time (1 cutting & 1 scoring blade)
  • Measuring -Extended 15.9cm base. Extended metric ruler to 36.5cm
  • Storing -Compartment under base to store blades, scoring stylus & more!.
It is the easiest cutter I have ever used as I find  lot of cutters very stiff to use and they take a lot of muscle power in your hand to use.  This I can use with two fingers and the fact I can cut tiny little pieces as well as larger ones is fantastic.  I wanted something that would cut and score and wasn't too expensive and this is perfect.
It is really neat and lightweight too.

It costs £25.95 and replacement blades are £4.50 for two and scorers are £3.50 for two.  The blade seems to last a long time and stay sharp & crisp so I haven't bought any replacement blades yet.

So impressed with this cutter so if you are thinking of buying one then I would highly recommend this one by Stampin' Up!  Get in touch at if you would like to purchase one.

Thanks for looking :)