Friday, 18 January 2013

My Craft Area

Well haven't been on here for a week as had a few disasters which ground everything to a halt.  Firstly this nasty noro-virus hit and I spent 24 hours being very ill and took a while to recover from the weakness that it brings (no details but it wasn't very pleasant). Then my poor other half had his van broken into and they stole the driver's door. YES the driver's door!  Evidently there are some sick people out there that steal car parts to order and his van was targeted.  So I have had him staying with me for the week while his van was in the garage having another door fitted and the quarter light repaired where the glass was smashed to gain entry.

So with all this madness going on I really haven't had time to think about my blog.  Now however it has been snowing since early this morning so I am snowed in so have plenty of time to start up my blog again.

I have a lovely craft area now as my sweetheart built me a bespoke shelf unit for all my lovely Stampin' Up! bits

The shelving is perfect as there are separate little cubby holes for everything I have and a little room for more bits to come.  The beautiful old wooden box houses all the smaller things and was my grandfather's so is a nice reminder of the other crafty people through the generations in my family.

As you all know I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator so if there us anything that you need or would like to browse through a catalogue please get in touch